Defence continues to enhance public access and information with the successful launch of a new external website and cutting-edge digital design system.

Featuring enhanced functionality and user experience, the revamped website is a big step forward in the Department’s ability to engage and communicate through its key public digital channel. 

The new website was developed using a human-centred design approach intended to make interacting with Defence easier and more informative.

Powering the website is GovCMS and a new Defence digital design system that streamlines and strengthens management of content across Defence websites.
The project is the culmination of a two-year collaboration between Defence and national digital firm Icon Agency.

The Department of Defence’s Associate Secretary, Katherine Jones, said the new website and design system helped position Defence as a digital information leader. 

“The website has been redeveloped to provide a contemporary, stable and secure platform improving Defence’s engagement and communications with the public as part of the broader Defence Transformation Strategy,” Ms Jones said.

“This will enable Defence to better connect, share and manage information to provide a better experience for users.”

The website provides ready access to the most searched for and visited content, including Defence industry, jobs and careers, security, honours and awards, operations and news.

“Not only does the department now have a friendly and accessible public ‘face’, we have a powerful publishing tool to ensure all sites and digital products within the Defence web estate can be easily developed, deployed and maintained,” Ms Jones said.

The Defence design system provides a framework consisting of working code and design resources to help designers and developers efficiently build Defence websites that are consistent and accessible.

The website and design system aligns with the Australian government’s Digital Transformation Strategy and Defence’s transformation and strategic priorities.

The Department wants information management to be underpinned by a trusted single source of enterprise-wide data supported by common and standardised applications and infrastructure.
The 2020 Defence Strategic Update reinforces the importance of accessible, quality information. 

“By implementing a single source, enterprise-wide digital solution with common and standard applications, Defence is showcasing a new level of digital leadership and innovation in government,” Ms Jones said.