RSL Victoria has brought a smile to the faces of Defence Force dads deployed on Operation COVID-19 Assist in Victoria.

Chief of Veteran Services at RSL Victoria Adam “Buzz” Lawson said his organisation jumped at the chance to help bring some joy to the dads spending Father's Day away from their families.

“It is important for RSL Victoria to support our members deployed here – we are a veteran-run organisation for veterans,” Mr Lawson said.

“We have donated gift packs of chocolates and a card for the fathers on Operation COVID-19 Assist in Victoria.

“Whether veterans are overseas or home in Australia, we know that there are challenges and sacrifices that are made and this Father’s Day we acknowledge those dads away from their families.”

Chaplain John Raike is supporting members in Victoria and highlighted the importance of staying connected with loved ones while working in isolated conditions.

“Our members are operating in unique circumstances and to ensure their safety there are social distancing measures in place,” Chaplain Raike said.

“This is why the connectiveness that modern technology provides is important for their wellbeing, for them to keep in contact with family and friends.

“The request to provide a small gift to dads came from one of our task units and I’m so glad we were able to coordinate with RSL Victoria for this generous donation.”

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