The Australian Defence College (ADC) launched Arts @ADC on May 5 to encourage staff, students, alumni and the community to creatively engage with contemporary Defence issues. 

The program was founded by Colonel Richard Barrett, who led by exhibiting two of his sculptures in the college’s grounds at Weston Creek for the first of the monthly exhibitions. 

Homo ex Machina is a recycled steel cube mounted on its vertex. 

Plasma-cut into its panels are the articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, depicted in Morse code. 

The work signifies the need to ensure science, artificial intelligence and computing power serve humanity and individual rights. 

Redacted engages with allegations of war crimes in Afghanistan. 

The black squares of the internal pattern recall the blacked-out redactions within the Brereton Report, and the repetitive motif within the cube samples the aniconic geometric patterns in Islamic art.

Centre for Defence Leadership and Ethics member, Anne Goyne, has exhibited her charcoal and chalk drawings, Through Different Eyes

Ms Goyne reflected on her journey through art and defence.

“My art has been absolutely essential to my coping as a military psychologist,” Ms Goyne said.

The sketches depict various images of people involved in war, including her own father and grandfather. 

The overarching theme is that war is a frequent and it’s a right to defend our way of life while also considering the sacrifice. 

Brisbane artist, Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox, exhibited her paintings throughout May. 

Kathryn’s paintings are inspirations processed through the research she conducts into contemporary militarised and militarise-able technology. 

Her current PhD research examines how defence and militaries around the world are paying closer attention to the electromagnetic spectrum. 

“This research is a result of painting and visualising hardware like drones over the last six years. If it hadn’t been for painting these things, I wouldn’t have been drawn to looking into the electromagnetic spectrum,” she said.

Arts @ADC encourages creative thinking, collaboration and expression. 

The program contributes to the Joint Professional Military Education continuum by championing behaviours of reflection, courage, diversity, curiosity and collaboration.
If you would like to feature your art please contact Major Cate Carter on cate.carter [at] or follow @ADC_Australia on Twitter to keep up to date with new exhibitions, which will be launched each month.