Recruits from the Navy Indigenous Development Program took part in the Great Northern Clean Up at Holloways Beach, Queensland, on September 23. 

Recruits and instructors from course 14 joined forces with the local community and walked the 5km-stretch along the streets, parks, scrub and muddy marshes. 

The group retrieved 15 bags of rubbish, which has prevented harm to the environment. 

The Great Northern Clean Up is an annual event in the far north region and a sibling activity to Clean Up Australia Day. 

Divisional Petty Officer Kimberly Spurr said she enjoyed working with the team knowing it was for a great cause. 

“It was nice to step aside from my usual role with the course and just all get stuck in together,” Petty Officer Spurr said. 

“We went home with muddy shoes, some scratches and insect bites, but lots of smiles. 

“It was a great day and we achieved a lot working together with the community.”

About 2000 ute-loads of rubbish from 907 registered sites have being removed since the initiative began in 2009. 

Officer-in-charge of the Navy Indigenous Development Program Commander Mark Tandy said he appreciated the enthusiasm of the recruits and instructors during this event. 

“We do many activities throughout the Navy Indigenous Development Program but the Great Northern Clean Up is an excellent opportunity for community engagement,” Commander Tandy said. 

“The recruits had a great day working with the locals and said they felt a real sense of support to the community and environment.”  

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