Boot-cleaning stations are the new innovative inclusions at HMAS Penguin, Sydney.

Three former pylons from the original 1942-built jetty were cleaned and restored to their former glory and given a new life.

The stations are located outside the administration building, the new weapons training systems facility and the leadership school.

Penguin weapons training simulation system manager Petty Officer Boatswain Brendon Chaffer led the team to create the stations. 

“The command team identified the pylons were available and developed the idea to create a focal point, while contributing to good dress and bearing,” Petty Officer Chaffer said.

The Penguin construction team worked closely with members of the Fleet Support Unit to have suitable metal bases for the pylons and welded boxes to house the cleaning equipment.

“The corrosion control team within the Fleet Support Unit assisted with the bases for us to mount the pylons securely on their side,” Petty Officer Chaffer said. 

Executive Officer Penguin Lieutenant Commander Malcolm Bonehill said he was impressed with the outcome. 

“The boot cleaning stations will be a social focal point for staff to gather,” Lieutenant Commander Bonehill said. 

“We have created an original concept that ties our establishment's history to today's personnel and contributes to pride and self-discipline.

“Boot cleaning is one of the basics of good dress and bearing in our Defence Force. Providing brushes and polish to promote this activity is a simple enhancement that benefits everyone, especially those under training.

"Apart from cleaning products, the stations will include hand sanitiser to promote good hand hygiene to meet the challenges imposed by the pandemic.” 

The North Sydney establishment is home to the ADF Diving School, the RAN Hydrographic School, the RAN Medical School and 12 other resident units.