RAAF Band member Sergeant Andrew Boyle has been working tirelessly in the Red Cross North Melbourne Disaster Response Centre during the 2020 bushfires.

A reservist since July 2018, clarinettist Sergeant Boyle undertook training with the Red Cross in late-2019 in preparation for the summer fire season.

Sergeant Boyle said he was called up after New Year’s Day in response to the unfolding bushfire situation in Victoria and to continue to support the established care efforts. 

“The Disaster Response Centre is providing much-needed resources to evacuation centres across the state and referrals to emergency and recovery services,” Sergeant Boyle said.

“It’s all about connecting people, and likely that I will continue to be involved for weeks.

“There’s about 10 people in the North Melbourne Centre and all but one or two are volunteers.”

The recovery process is extensive and the Red Cross will be providing ongoing support for those impacted by the bushfires.

“The care provided by the Red Cross is incredible. Many volunteers are working long hours,” Sergeant Boyle said.

“My work here has enabled me to build on Defence skills and apply them in a different context.

“In tough situations like this, you have to work under pressure, work well in a team and be an efficient, reliable and responsible person.”