On 13 February 2021 , a US Marine who arrived in the first incoming tranche of the 2021 Marine Rotational Force - Darwin returned a positive result for COVID-19 at initial screening on arrival in Darwin. The Marine is has been taken to the Royal Darwin Hospital today for assessment and confirmatory testing. Due to strict quarantine measures in place for all arriving Marines, this case of COVID-19 was promptly detected and the Marine had no direct contact with the general community. All close contacts are being monitored during the remainder of their mandatory 14 day quarantine.

All US Marines are subject to strict screening and quarantine requirements prior to departure, and on arrival in Australia which include:

  • present a negative COVID-19 PCR test 72 hours ahead of departure for Australia,
  • mandatory 14-day quarantine in secure facilities at RAAF Base Darwin and Bladin Village Northern Territory,
  • COVID-19 testing on arrival, and before exiting their mandatory 14-day quarantine period, and
  • daily health checks that included screening for COVID-19 symptoms and mental health checks.

Extensive planning for the 2021 MRF-D has occurred to ensure the health and safety of all Australians with the Northern Territory Government. Defence and NT Health have agreed to strict measures for managing MRF-D’s arrival, quarantine and possible or positive cases of COVID-19. The 2021 MRF-D will continue to adhere to all current Northern Territory restrictions for mitigating COVID-19 risks while taking part in the rotation which includes a comprehensive range of training activities, including humanitarian assistance, security operations and high-end live-fire exercises.

Link to NT health statement: https://coronavirus.nt.gov.au/updates/items/2021-02-13-positive-covid-19-case-update

Link to: Arrival of the 2021 Marine Rotational Force-Darwin