A unique executive team is leading No. 1 Recruit Training Unit, which is responsible for the initial training and development of Air Force recruits.

Seven of the 10 executive members started their careers as enlisted airmen or airwomen and have since commissioned as officers. 

Commanding Officer No. 1 Recruit Training Unit Wing Commander Darren Dolan is one of them.

He said the team members had a range of backgrounds and diverse thinking.

“It is this diversity of thought, and more than 160 years of Air Force experience, which affords the team the ability to train and educate the next generation of airmen and airwomen,” he said.

The other executives who began their careers as recruits are the executive officer, chief instructor, padre, personnel capability officer and two flight commanders.

For Air Force’s enlisted workforce, their experience at No. 1 Recruit Training Unit will stay with them for their entire careers.

Initial instructors are there to be role models and inspire Air Force’s newest enlistees.

Wing Commander Dolan said the ability to grow the next generation was an important part of the team’s collective Air Force journey.

“This sense of team, as we all focus on the one goal, is most enjoyable – it is both amazing and humbling to see 60 individuals arrive, bond, grow and join together as a cohesive team on their way to graduation,” Wing Commander Dolan said.

“I could not recommend it more to anyone to play a part in training and growing the most important asset this Air Force has  – its people.”