Saying goodbye to a loved one at the airport is something Air Force personnel capability specialist Corporal Margaret-Rose Nansen has done before.

The mother of two from Ipswich, Queensland, has supported her husband, Brett, during three deployments with Air Force and in September this year it was her turn to wave goodbye.

Deployed on Operation Accordion as part of the Air Task Group (ATG) at Australia’s main operating base in the Middle East region, Corporal Nansen is one of the first faces ATG members see on arrival.

“I meet and greet ATG members when they arrive and provide administration help while they are deployed on Operation Accordion,” Corporal Nansen said.

“Most importantly I arrange our members’ travel home to their loved ones on the completion of their deployment.”

This is Corporal Nansen’s first Middle Eastern deployment, but she is no stranger to deployment life.

“My husband Brett is usually the one that is away, so it has been a massive change for me and the family,” she said.

But it is a change that Corporal Nansen has taken in her stride.

“The people I work with have made this deployment for me – they’re fantastic,” she said.

“The best part of my job is knowing I’m playing a part in reuniting our personnel with their families back home.”

At the end of her deployment, Corporal Nansen will return to the Health Operations Conversion Unit at RAAF Base Amberley and to her two children, Holly and Ryan.

“Serving with the RAAF in the Middle East has has given me the confidence to know how capable and resilient I am,” Corporal Nansen said.

“Deploying reinforces how much our loved ones mean to us and we should never take our time with them for granted.”