Being separated from loved ones is not easy, but Corporal Clare Egan, from Bayswater, Victoria, is enjoying her time on Operation Accordion in the Middle East. 

Corporal Egan is a command support clerk within the Force Support Element as part of Joint Task Force 633, which she said was the highlight of her career.

She joined the Army because she wanted a career and lifestyle where she could serve her country, see different places and have a range of opportunities.

While this is the first time Corporal Egan has been deployed overseas she is no stranger to being in other countries.

“I have citizenships with three countries, Australia, the United Kingdom and the USA,” she said.

“My mum is from England, dad is Australian and I was born in the US, where mum and dad lived at the time.

“I haven’t been back to the US yet, but every few years I’ll visit family in England.

“This is my first deployment and while I find it similar to my job in Australia, being deployed to the Middle East in a joint environment is a great experience.

“I support the mission by ensuring our personnel are administratively supported in their job while deployed.

“This enables them to achieve our common goal by providing mission-focused logistical support in a professional, safe and timely manner.”

Although Corporal Egan is thriving in her role she is looking forward to returning home and spending time with her partner, Benny, and her dogs, Poppy, Albert and Archie.

“My partner is an ADF member who returned from Afghanistan only one month before I deployed to the Middle East,” Corporal Egan said.

“We have spent a lot of time apart so it will be good to see him again. 

“He is a fantastic cook, so I am looking forward to having some of his home cooking specialities when I get back.”