Long before posting to the 7th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (7RAR) as a clerk in Adelaide, Private Kbora Ali was born and raised in Janghori, Afghanistan.  

In 2007, young Kbora’s father fled the war-torn country to Australia, where she and her family would join him seven years later.  

 “When we arrived in Australia we came to Parafield Gardens, Adelaide, and it has been my home ever since,” Private Ali said.

Private Ali’s parents taught her to be grateful for what opportunities she has had since making their new home.

She said resources and certain freedoms were harder to come by in Afghanistan.

Motivated by a sense of wanting to “give back” to the community that she has grown to love, she decided to enlist as a soldier in the Australian Army in 2016.

 “Australia has welcomed thousands of refugees, including myself and my family, with open arms,” she said.

“It is my, and our, responsibility to give back to our country, however small or big it may be. I enlisted in the hope to do exactly that.”

Despite not being raised in a country where children grow up knowing what the Anzac spirit means, Private Ali has developed a keen understanding of the Anzac spirit since joining four years ago.   

 “Strength, teamwork, determination and a lot of sacrifices,” she said.

“These are values our soldiers, both men and women, who have served before us display, which I associate with the Anzac spirit.

 “I take a lot of pride in wearing the uniform and serving with those men and women and being part of something bigger than myself.”

Private Ali reflected on some of the opportunities she has had as a soldier, such as giving back to Australian Afghan communities.

The young clerk often helps others who have, or are currently, going through what she once did.

“I have been given the recognition within my community to speak on behalf of those who may be struggling to find their voices, even today,” she said.

“I now know how it feels to have the right to freedom, education, and the privilege to work, but I know there are thousands of people who can only dream to have a glimpse of what we have.”