Senior female leaders from Chief Information Officer Group (CIOG) shared career insights, leadership philosophies and pathways to leadership during an International Women’s Day event in Canberra on March 13.

For CIOG Acting First Assistant Secretary Janice Law, the event was about acknowledging the great women already in the workplace, but was also about understanding the distance that women still have to go, both in this country and globally.

“Women undertake the majority of lower-paid work roles and undertake unpaid care in greater numbers than men,” Ms Law said.

“These are ‘everybody issues’ that have to be part of how we manage people in our workplaces, offering greater flexibility, checking that people are supported and offer that level playing-field that allows women to manage their whole lives – in and out of the workplace – and not just the bits we see.

“Getting the best out of women needs to be part of our discussion here in CIOG and part of how we approach reform.”

Ms Law said this year’s International Women’s Day theme, Generational Equality, was about looking for the right person to get the best outcome and then giving them support. 

“Some roles need experience, which might equate with years in the workplace,” she said. 

“Equally, I embrace and look for the ideas and excitement that can come from people with less experience, but who bring with them that fresh perspective.” 

CIOG Chief Information Officer Stephen Pearson said the day provided a “timely reminder of the benefits of working in a diverse and inclusive workplace”. 

“An important step is improving diversity in our leadership team to demonstrate there are career-progression pathways for women in ICT,” Mr Pearson said.

“I'm pleased to say that we have a number of exceptional women within our senior leadership team.”