‘It’s not just a job; it’s an adventure,’ was a Defence Recruiting slogan that got the attention of a young man who decided a career with the Australian Defence Force would help prove there was more to him than his school grades. 

Sergeant David Hutton committed to that decision when the world was shocked by the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York while he was in Year 12 at school.

“I became interested in Air Force after meeting my wife, who was already in the Air Force,”  Sergeant Hutton said. 

“I wanted to join the regular Army but there were barriers at the time – the roles I wanted were not on offer to reservists.

“I also came to the conclusion that it would create difficulties if my wife and I were in different services.  

“I was stuck working in a factory that made bladders for cask wine while serving in the Reserves, and although that factory was pretty good, it was not what I wanted to do forever.”

Sergeant Hutton’s choice of mustering was Air Force Security.

He now is the compliance patrol team leader at RAAF Base Woomera.

He conducts daily patrols of the Woomera Prohibited Area to undertake compliance checks, and spends time staying in the field, and also liaises with traditional owners, pastoralists, miners and others.

“One of the first officers I worked for in Air Force said: ‘Don’t expect deployments and accolades. Work hard, do your job well, look after your mates and you’ll go far’,” Sergeant Hutton said.

“It’s stuck with me through my whole career. 

“I have changed roles and deployed several times in pursuit of interesting work and new opportunities.

“The Air Force is turning 100 years old, but every day is a new day, with new challenges – the only constant for Air Force is change."

The Royal Australian Air Force will mark its centenary on March 31 next year.

For further information, visit: airforce.gov.au/100