This Mother’s Day, Newcastle local Flight Lieutenant Melissa Moore, a logistics officer at No. 36 Squadron, will be taking the day “off”. 

With the support of her husband, she has been helping her seven and nine-year-old children with remote school work, working from home and from her office at RAAF Base Amberley two days a week and completing her assessments for her Master of Project Management degree. 

Despite these commitments, Flight Lieutenant Moore never misses out on family and down time for herself, advising other mothers to do the same.

“Be kind to yourself and don’t compare your situation to the next person,” Flight Lieutenant Moore said. 

Her first child, Zane, was born in 2011, and since then she has returned the encouragement and workplace support she received. 

“The flexible work options I was provided nine years ago, and again in 2014 when my daughter Lola was born, have shaped me as a manager in such a positive way,” she said. 

“Be kind to yourself and don’t compare your situation to the next person.”

“My advice to women wanting to start a family in Defence is to be open and honest with your chain of command and understand the systems available to you. 

“Also, regardless of your time out of full-time service, or the workforce completely, make sure you have linear reports from supervisors to track your development and any additional study or work experience.”

Flight Lieutenant Moore grew up in Newcastle, NSW, and joined Air Force in 1999 as a supplier. She then transferred to Air Movements and was promoted up to the rank of flight sergeant, before commissioning in 2017 after 17 years of service. 

“Commissioning to become a logistics officer was always the long-term goal for me,” Flight Lieutenant Moore said.

“However, before I applied, I had a number of roles and experiences I wanted to tick-off.

“Highlights included working at No. 23 Squadron Air Movements in Amberley when the C-17A Globemaster first came into service, and being selected for Exercise Long Look in 2010 where I spent five months on exchange in the UK at the Royal Air Force’s Brize Norton base – its C-17s were based there.”