Everything from artillery to armoured vehicles and gun sighting scopes are going under the hammer this week.

They are part of a collection of more than 10,000 rare military items.

The collection was the life’s work of recently deceased military enthusiast Rod Bellars, from Victoria, who spent more than 60 years accumulating the items.

The collection includes smaller items such as tank barrel cleaning brushes and gun sighting scopes up to anti-aircraft and anti-tank guns, along with an Australian Bren gun carrier vehicle.

The auction is being run by Lloyds Australia.

Lloyds Australia's Chief Operations Officer Lee Hames met Mr Bellars before his death last year.

“We were actually in complete disbelief when we first arrived to inspect the collection as it featured some of the rarest militaria collectables from WWI and WWII that we have ever seen – there is everything from military tanks to firearms, swords, military uniforms, helmets, boots and heavy artillery,” Mr Hames said.

Lloyds Australia was unsure how to price the items because of their rarity, and bidding battles were expected.

“We came across some very rare pieces, many of which are one-off and may be worth significant amounts of money,” Mr Hames said. 

“We have had enquires from all over Europe and Asia on these items – all from passionate collectors and militaria enthusiasts just like Rod was – so we are sure that there will be many custodians that will treasure his collectables just as he did throughout his lifetime.

“We really hope that museums and libraries and passionate collectors from across the world are successful in securing some of these important pieces of history so they can be preserved and displayed and educate people for many years into the future.”

Items will be sold through 14 separate online auctions.

The auctions will be closing from February 19.