Growing up in Seymour, Victoria, brothers Brayden and Rylan Green are back in their home state as part of Operation COVID-19 Assist. 

Trooper Rylan Green joined Army’s 7th Brigade, 2nd/14th Light Horse Regiment, in 2017, and works as a surveillance operator in Brisbane. Private Brayden Green joined Army last year and serves as a driver specialist in the 7th Combat Service Support Battalion, also in Brisbane. 

The brothers, who are deployed separately, but both assisting in the support to Victoria, are pleased to be back, helping their home state. 

Private Green is working with the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and the State Control Centre to identify positive COVID-19 cases and their close contacts. 

He has felt the challenge of being less than an hour from his home town, and not being able to see his family and friends. 

“Rylan and I are both proud to be helping in Victoria and hope the work we are doing now will allow Victoria to get back to the thriving state it was,” Private Green said.

“By identifying positive cases and their close contacts, the spread of the pandemic can hopefully be slowed and ultimately stopped. I am a small part of the puzzle. But it means a lot.” 

Trooper Green is using the information put together by Private Green and his colleagues at DHHS to accompany authorised officers in public education and tracing. 

Even though they are working in different areas, the brothers are keeping in contact. 

“It is important work, but it has been challenging conveying complicated information about social distancing to people from all different cultural backgrounds,” Trooper Green said.