Young Naval officers leapt at the chance to try out some emerging technology on the first day of the 2019 Sea Power Conference.

The Midshipmen and Sub Lieutenants, all at different stages of their maritime warfare officer training, got hands-on experience with simulators and equipment on the main floor of the International Convention Centre in Sydney, building their understanding of Navy’s future capabilities.

Midshipman Will Hall from HMAS Canberra said the conference shaped his understanding of the commercial sector’s role in building and maintaining the fleet.

“It’s all about learning and understanding why we’re doing what we’re doing, why we’re working with the systems we’re working with and also the future,” Midshipman Hall said.

“Anzac-class frigates are in my near future, but the reality is if I take command of a ship one day it will likely be a Hunter-class frigate and the companies behind its different systems are all here.

“It’s great for building context and showing the interface between the commercial and Defence sides of the industry,” he said.

Sub Lieutenant Zali Smith-Colombini from HMAS Watson said she had been interested in the navigation and shore assault simulators on the main floor.

“I think it’s a great chance to learn about what upcoming technology is out there and see what could be in the field in the coming years,” Sub Lieutenant Smith-Colombini said.

“If you’re looking for professional development, this is a fun way to go about it.”

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