Army mum Corporal Sarah Nixon will be half a world away from her daughter this Mother’s Day.

The medical technician currently based at Australia's main operating base in the Middle East, has recently returned there from deployment in Iraq.

Corporal Nixon said she would be thinking about her four-year-old daughter and her own mum, sister and grandmother back in Australia on Sunday.

"My daughter’s name is Isabella. She is spending this Mother’s Day with my mother and my sister. She lives in Brisbane with me," Corporal Nixon said.

"She's very articulate for a four-year-old, she’s very good at soccer and she's very good at writing her name. I'm very proud of her.

"I think with having Bella, Mother’s Day makes me miss her but that really is the same as any other day; I miss her every day. As well as my mother, I talk to her and my sister every day as well.

"Every day is mother’s day in that sense, I miss them every day."

On Corporal Nixon's recent tour to Iraq, she and her medical colleagues at Camp Taji Military Complex were medical responders to a rocket attack that killed three coalition force members and injured many others.

Corporal Nixon said while Isabella tried to understand where her mum is and why she is staying with her grandparents, it was still confusing for her.

"She knows that when I was in Iraq, I was fixing people. My daughter says she wants to be a nurse when she grows up or she wants to be in the Army, but I don’t think she knows what that means just yet," Corporal Nixon said.

"Although you are missing your family and friends you still have a job to do. I am deployed here with many other mothers in the same situation."

 Corporal Nixon said her family was proud of the work she is doing overseas.

"My family are really proud of my service, and everyone who is serving, they are very grateful that we can help Australia and other coalition forces."

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