For this Air Force mum, providing care does not stop at her children.

Flight Lieutenant Dee Allanson, a Personnel Capability Officer currently deployed to the Middle East region, said that since joining defence in 2008 she had found her niche in caring for people and helping others.

“I look after personnel welfare, administration and policy, as well as advising our Commanding Officer,” Flight Lieutenant Allanson said.

“I also look after complex case management, so if anyone has issues such as things happening at home that are impacting their role here and needs to get home quickly, I’m the person that helps them manage their situation.”

While looking after the welfare of deployed personnel, Flight Lieutenant Allanson also has children at home she is thinking about. She is posted to RAAF Base East Sale, Victoria.

“I have two kids, Noah, who is two years old, and Alyssa, who recently turned four,” she said.

“Both are very adventurous but with different personalities. Alyssa is very much an academic and a book worm and Noah is Mr Fixit.

“His favourite thing to do is cause mischief by pulling things apart and then trying to fix them again, he’s a bit of character and likes a bit of a laugh.”

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, Flight Lieutenant Allanson said she would take time to think about her children and everything they have achieved together as a family.

“Being deployed is definitely a challenge,” she said.

“I think this Mother’s Day is definitely going to be a time to reflect and think on what sort of mum I want to be and have been for the last few years and an opportunity to not take motherhood for granted.

“Each year it’s an opportunity for the kids to say thank you for me being their mum and for me it gives me the chance to look back on the amazing things that my kids have achieved and what I have achieved with them.”

Flight Lieutenant Allanson said her daughter understands why her mum is away overseas.  

“My kids are very proud of my service. On Anzac Day, I was sent some photos of them watching the live stream on the iPad,” she said.

“My daughter was watching it while holding an Australian Flag, holding some poppies and my medal … it took about three days to get the medal back off her.

“My daughter understands I’m here for work, and we have a few books to help like My Mum is in the Australian Air Force and both Alyssa and Noah want to read that to understand what we do.”

This mother’s day, Joint Task Force 633 will be celebrating all ADF mothers deployed on operations in the Middle East region and those mothers who are at home supporting their loved one who may be away on operations.