Warrant Officer Class One Michael Patman will be part of ABC Brisbane's Anzac Day team providing commentary about 7th Brigade units as they march through the city.

His 32 years of service and extensive knowledge of the units will allow the Brisbane television audience to understand a little more about their local brigade. 

“When I marched out of basic training, I was posted to the 2nd Combat Engineer Regiment right here in Brisbane,” Artificer sergeant major of 2nd Combat Engineer Regiment, Warrant Officer Class One Patman said.

“I attended their Dawn Service before joining the ABC to represent the Army and 7th Brigade,” he said.

Warrant Officer Class One Patman has deployed five times overseas and he’s commemorated Anzac Day in the Middle East and France.

“It’s a solemn but special occasion,” he said. 

“We recognise the sacrifices made by those that have gone before us, but it’s also a time to share with mates.”

While on military exchange program Exercise Long Look, Warrant Officer Class One Patman had the opportunity to visit the Somme in France.

“It was easy for us to travel to France from Germany where we were based,” he said. 

“The Somme is an emotional place—we walked the trenches, saw no man’s land and pulled lead from the mole hills.”

“We also visited the Australian National Memorial in Villers-Bretonneux.”

While reminiscing over his long career, Warrant Officer Class One Patman has maintained some impressive pieces of military hardware.

“Being the maintenance supervisor for the M198 gun on an artillery gun line was one of my favourite positions,” he said.

“They can’t fire the guns without us being present and that gave me a great sense of job satisfaction—being a mission critical element of the battery.”     

Royal Australian Navy officer Commander Peter Tedman, Navy sailor Warrant Officer Col Scott, and Air Force officer Flight Lieutenant Robert Hodgson, joined Warrant Officer Class One Patman for the Anzac Day coverage.