Corporal Isaac Cullen is a proud North Queenslander born in Townsville and spent his teenage years completing schooling in Cloncurry.

With his great-grandparents having served in World War I, his uncle a Vietnam veteran, a brother recently discharged from Army, a sister-in law in the RAAF and his wife an Army veteran, Corporal Cullen has strong family connections to the military.

Corporal Cullen - a keen aircraft enthusiast - has continued this military tradition by joining the Australian Defence Force.

He has served 20 years in Air Force, his career training beginning as an Airfield Defence Guard, before remustering as a carpenter in 2009.

"During my service career, I have been fortunate enough to have deployed on three operations in the Middle East and my unit was awarded a gold commendation for its work and that has been a highlight of my career," Corporal Cullen said.

"I represent the Air Force and the Australian Defence Force in touch football and was involved in supporting Operation North Queensland Flood Assist 19. 

"I have always had a sense of pride wearing the Air Force uniform and serving Australia.

"It is an honour to serve in the RAAF during the commemoration of the centenary of its formation, continuing to build upon the foundation that has been forged before us, in both war and peace time.

"I see Air Force as a long-term career and will continue to strive for success as 2021 starts the Air Force's second century."

Corporal Cullen is now based in Townsville and his military experience informs his Brazilian Jujitsu training, a past time which helps him keep up with his two sons, to whom he devotes all his spare time.

With people a strong focus of the Air Force Centenary, throughout 2020 and 2021 exceptional members who have contributed to the Air Force will be featured on and Corporal Cullen is a fine example of the thousands of people who make up our Air Force. 

Planning is underway for the commemoration of the Royal Australian Air Force’s formation in March 1921 and further information may be obtained at