Not long after finishing at Trinity Bay State High School, Cairns, in 2014, Lance Bombardier Marc Millett started the process of joining the Army.

Inspired by his dad who was an Army reservist with the 51st Far North Queensland Regiment, he joined up as an artillery gunner.

“I just wanted something in the Army,” Lance Bombardier Millett said. 

“Dad was happy about me joining, Mum was a bit iffy. That’s mum being mum, but she knows it was what I wanted and she’s happy with that.”

Lance Bombardier Millett is now posted to the 4th Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery, and has risen to second-in-command of an M777 Howitzer. 

He has been training at Shoalwater Bay Training Area in Queensland during Exercise Talisman Sabre.

“I make sure everything to do with that gun firing is done for the commander,” he said. 

“I move the bombs closer, set the fuses and make sure the charge increments are all correct.”

During his career, Lance Bombardier Millett said the most exciting thing he has done with the artillery was firing a multiple-round, simultaneous-impact mission.

One round is fired at a high elevation, another at a medium elevation and the final at a low elevation, meaning all rounds land at the same time. 

“It’s hard. One of them we had to get out in 12 seconds, so it’s pretty taxing on everyone,” Lance Bombardier Millett said.

“But coming out and firing the gun is fantastic. I love the mates that you make.

“When you come back from field exercises, you realise how much of a great rapport you’ve built with your mates. 

“They’ve got your back and you’ve got theirs. We’ve got more respect for each other because we’ve all experienced the same situation.”