Dozens of Defence personnel have been recognised for their outstanding service with this year's Australia Day honours list announced by the Governor-General.

Commander of Defence Space Command, Air Vice-Marshal Catherine Roberts, has been made an Officer of the Order of Australia (AO) for distinguished service in her previous roles as Head of Aerospace System Division and Head of Air Force Capability.

Also promoted to Officers of the Order of Australia were Rear Admiral Jaimie Hatcher and Major General Matthew Hall, both recognised for distinguished service in senior command roles.

Rear Admiral Hatcher retired from Navy in late 2021 after handing over as Deputy Chief of Joint Operations at Headquarters Joint Operations Command on August 12.

Major General Hall was recognised for his roles as chief of staff at Headquarters Joint Operations Command, Director of the Defence Intelligence Organisation and as the Australia military representative to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO).

Major General Christopher Field was awarded a Distinguished Service Cross for his command and leadership as deputy commanding general for operations with the United States Army Central in the Middle East. Photo: Sergeant Tristan Kennedy.

The Australia Day honours list recognises 1040 Australians, including 30 ADF personnel in the Order of Australia’s military division and 81 ADF personnel for distinguished and conspicuous service.

Two Defence public servants were recognised with Public Service Medals for outstanding public service: Ms Megan Lees and Mr Andrew Snashall.

Ms Lees for leading Defence's national response to COVID-19 and the provision of policy and communication advice to the ADF community. Mr Snashall for improvements to the military justice processes.

Defence's personnel recognised in the Australia Day honour list:

Order of Australia – Military Division

Officer (AO) of the Order of Australia

Rear Admiral Jaimie Hatcher, DSC, AM, RAN

Major General Matthew Hall, AM, CSC

Air Vice-Marshal Catherine Roberts, AM, CSC

Member (AM) of the Order of Australia

Navy: Commodore Donald Dezentje, CSM, RAN; Commodore Braddon Wheeler, RAN

Army: Major General Susan Coyle, CSC, DSM; Brigadier Gavin Duncan, DSC; Brigadier Nicole Longley; Colonel Griffith Thomas; Colonel Penelope Saultry, CSC; Warrant Officer Grant McFarlane, OAM

Air Force: Air Commodore Davin Augustine, CSM; Air Commodore Jacqueline Churchill; Air Commodore Gregory Frisina; Group Captain James Badgery; Group Captain Adrian Maso; Wing Commander Michel-Louise Devine, CSM; Warrant Officer Raylee Scott; Warrant Officer Stephen Weaver

Medal (OAM) of the Order of Australia

Navy: Captain Troy Van Tiehoven, RAN; Warrant Officer Chad Buhlmann; Warrant Officer Dane Field; Chief Petty Officer Janelle Scrase; Warrant Officer Tagan Wright

Army: Captain Dennis Magennis; Warrant Officer Class One Bradley Foster, CSM; Warrant Officer Class One Lee Maloney; Warrant Officer Class One Mark Newell; Warrant Officer Class One David Poulsen; Warrant Officer Class One Andrew Remin, CSM

Distinguished Service

Distinguished Service Cross (DSC)

Army: Major General Christopher Field, AM, CSC

Distinguished Service Medal (DSM)

Army: Brigadier Edward Smeaton; Lieutenant Colonel M; Captain T

Commendation for Distinguished Service

Army: Major General Stephen Jobson, AM, CSC; Brigadier Simon Johnstone, CSC; Brigadier Jane Spalding, AM; Colonel Anthony Duus, CSC; Colonel M; Colonel Eric Modderman; Colonel James Murray; Colonel Spencer Norris; Major A; Lance Corporal M; Private O

Conspicuous Service

Bar to the Conspicuous Service Cross (CSC & Bar)

Navy: Commodore Craig Bourke, CSC, RAN; Captain Simon Bateman, CSC, RAN

Army: Major General Kathryn Campbell, AO, CSC

Conspicuous Service Cross (CSC)

Navy: Captain Dean Commons, RAN; Captain Katherine Tindall, RAN; Commander Kelly Haywood, RAN; Commander Michael Holman, RAN

Army: Major General Justin Ellwood, DSC, AM; Major General Cheryl Pearce, AM; Colonel David Hughes; Colonel Roger McMurray; Colonel Robin Smith; Colonel Edmund Wunsch; Lieutenant Colonel Tracy Allison; Lieutenant Jeremy Bechtel; Lieutenant Colonel Gareth Bowering; Lieutenant Colonel Dean Falvey; Lieutenant Colonel Damon Higginbotham; Lieutenant Colonel Kenneth Martin; Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Padman; Major O; Captain Jyra Blake-Waller

Air Force: Squadron Leader Melita Beachley; Squadron Leader Kenneth Edwards; Squadron Leader David Savina, CSM; Pilot Officer Valdi Chain; Flight Sergeant Mark Harvey; Sergeant Taran Diamond

Conspicuous Service Medal (CSM)

Navy: Commander Brandon Ikimau, RAN; Lieutenant Commander Kate Carriage, RAN; Lieutenant Commander Katey D’Costa, RAN; Lieutenant Michael Loring, RAN; Lieutenant Sarah Lucinsky, RAN; Chief Petty Officer Bradley Bessell; Petty Officer Thai-Britney Demos; Petty Officer Christopher Gamble; Petty Officer Douglas Rowan; Leading Seaman Paul De Keizer; Leading Seaman Tenielle Walter

Army: Colonel John Molnar; Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Hauser; Lieutenant Colonel David Marshall; Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Waite; Major James Eling; Captain Cameron Laing; Warrant Officer Class Two Ian Clapson; Warrant Officer Class Two Graham Grieshaber; Warrant Officer Class Two Danny Jacobsen; Warrant Officer Class Two Samuel Jenkins; Warrant Officer Class Two Aaron Johnston; Warrant Officer Class Two David Owen; Warrant Officer Class Two Joseph Pedler; Sergeant Paul Burgan; Signaller P

Air Force: Wing Commander Callum Carmichael; Wing Commander Samuel Harkiss, CSC; Wing Commander Lynette Horne; Wing Commander M; Wing Commander Roby Howard; Squadron Leader Daniel Bailey; Squadron Leader Kathleen Kennedy; Squadron Leader Rebecca Olsen; Squadron Leader Breanna Sharp; Flight Sergeant Damian Gardiner; Sergeant Peter Owens; Sergeant Jason Thomas

Meritorious Awards

Public Service Medal (PSM)

Department of Defence: Ms Megan Lees; Mr Andrew Snashall

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