The Junior Leader Fellowship program has found new ways to interact and provide information about pathways for people seeking a career in Defence.

The program started as a Deputy Chief of Army initiative, with approximately 100 Junior Non-Commissioned Officers (JNCO) taking part in seminars to talk about policy changes.

Corporal Simon Camilleri, an avionics technician from the 5th Aviation Regiment, is an Ambassador with the program.

He said the program works by connecting jobseekers to someone in the role.

“We connect with potential candidates identified by Defence Force Recruiting, via an iPad,” he said.

“Many candidates have not seen a CH-47F Chinook helicopter, so using the iPad is a great way to showcase the aircraft and to also stimulate conversation.

“It’s about providing a unique experience for the candidate.”

About 20 candidates attended the first session virtual session with other sessions planned for the future.

Corporal Camilleri said the time that candidates want to stay online and talk has increased because of the interactive webinars.

“The sessions go for about 2 hours because the candidates are keen to ask not just questions about the trade, but also general Army questions,” Corporal Camilleri said.

“For example, some questions are about lifestyle.

“I explain that from fixing aircraft to running physical training sessions or instructing on Army First Aid, no two days look the same.”

By formalising the process Defence Force Recruiting is better able to match candidates to ambassadors who provided a lived experience of the job.

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