At the age of 22, Leading Aircraftman Kamaljit Singh left India for Australia to study a bachelor of accounting degree at the University of Ballarat.

As an Australian citizen, he is now serving on operations in the Middle East as a communications and information system controller.

“After completing three years of study, I realised I wanted more travel in my future employment and didn’t want to spend my life behind a desk,” Leading Aircraftman Singh said.

With his father in the Indian Army he was already familiar with military life.

“I joined the Australian Defence Force because I like the lifestyle. You get the chance to travel to different places. It is an adventurous life in the ADF,” he said.

Leading Aircraftman Singh is deployed with the Theatre Communications Group (TCG) that supports all IT and communication capabilities for operations in the Middle East region.

He provides IT support to an Air Force KC-30A detachment that conducts air-to-air refuelling operations for the international coalition to combat Daesh in Iraq and Syria.

“Every day is different here and I love dealing with fellow ADF members. We have a small team of four and we support critical deployed communications operations here 24 hours a day,” Leading Aircraftman Singh said.
Back home, he has become a master of barbecues but is torn on the question of cricket.

“If we are talking about the Ashes, then I support Australia. But, if India is playing then my loyalties are flexible,” he said.