The government’s $90 billion naval shipbuilding enterprise could provide a jobs lifeline for hundreds of skilled workers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

As work begins on moving skills training online, the Naval Shipbuilding College (NSC) has moved quickly in response to the pandemic.

The naval shipbuilding industry continues to get the crucial skills and support it  needs to help them grow, even during this time of economic uncertainty.

The NSC is undertaking virtual outreach activities to attract a future workforce and support small businesses through webinars and the development of a jobs portal.

The virtual suite of training courses would include an introduction to shipbuilding and short courses focused on priority roles in shipbuilding.

Major Defence industry businesses and their supply chain partners are still hiring and require a skilled workforce to achieve success.

By offering virtual courses, the NSC can help people become job-ready for the shipbuilding industry, which allows organisations to continue with their recruitment and delivery of critical program milestones for the enterprise.

Opportunities exist for designers and drafters, project managers, schedulers, integrated logistics support and engineers. Many more roles will move online over the next four years.

The workforce register is the first port of call for Australians wanting to secure an exciting career within Australia’s naval shipbuilding industry.