Australian Army combat engineers and Lismore City Council workers swung into action after Nimbin in northern New South Wales was left with only 60 days of water following the floods.

Within two days of the council’s request, 21st Construction Squadron sappers from 6th Engineer Support Regiment were clearing trees around the damaged pipeline to allow vehicles access ahead of repairs.

Army engineer Major Ben Kuchel said the project began with initial assessments of the area on March 9, after council requested support.

“We have six council workers and around 10 Army personnel, including plant operators, combat engineers and plumbers working on the project to restore the water pipeline.”

“Combat engineers are chainsawing through fallen trees and clearing roads, while plant operators are looking into different possibilities to build vehicle access routes to affected sections of the pipeline.

Eventually, Army plumbers will work alongside the council to instal the new pipeline sections”

“This project is important for the community because the pipeline is required for the town water supply to Nimbin, so it’s imperative we reconnect the water pipeline as quickly as possible,” Major Kuchel said.

Repairs to the damaged pipeline are one of Army priority tasks, and are expected to be completed in coming weeks.

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