Nationally - approximately 1,356 personnel are deployed as part of Operation COVID-19 Assist

  • The Minister for Defence, Linda Reynolds, announced Operation COVID-19 Assist on April 1, 2020.

  • Current nationwide Defence support includes:

    • 102 Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel in Vaccine Delivery Teams supporting the Department of Health's vaccine roll-out in aged care and disability facilities.

    • Supporting law enforcement agencies with mandatory quarantine arrangements.

    • The ADF will not be authorised as law enforcement officers as this remains the responsibility of the states and territories.

  • Additionally, the ADF:

    • Has established the three-star-led COVID-19 task force to coordinate Defence’s internal response to COVID-19 and support the whole-of-government effort.

    • Is supporting Emergency Management Australia-led (EMA) planning for the National Communicable Disease Incidence of National Significance Plan in response to COVID-19.

    • Is supporting the Department of Health with logistics and specialist staff. 

    • Has been supplying clinical and epidemiological support to the Department of Health National Incident Room since early February 2020.

  • Approximately 48 ADF and Defence APS personnel are embedded in various Australian Government agencies, including the Department of Home Affairs and Services Australia.

State-by-state breakdown

*Note: Personnel in Joint Task Group headquarters, supporting roles, and those preparing for tasks are included in overall state-based figures but are not captured in the list of tasks.

Queensland - 265 personnel

  • 170 ADF personnel are supporting quarantine compliance management efforts, including at airports and hotels. 

New South Wales - 221 personnel

  • 197 ADF personnel are supporting state police quarantine, reception and repatriation efforts at Sydney airport and hotels.

Victoria - 291 personnel

  • 205 ADF members are supporting quarantine compliance management in Melbourne.

  • 2 ADF personnel are providing direct support to Emergency Management Victoria.

South Australia - 115 personnel

  • 98 ADF personnel are supporting South Australia Police quarantine compliance management at six Adelaide metropolitan hotels.

Western Australia - 95 personnel

  • 70 ADF personnel are involved in quarantine assistance at hotels and at the Perth Airport.

Tasmania - 90 personnel

  • 76 ADF personnel are involved in quarantine assistance in Hobart.

Northern Territory - 36 personnel

  • 20 ADF personnel are supporting Australian Federal Police and Northern Territory Police quarantine compliance management.


Defence COVID-19 cases


Overseas / other

















  Total 194 Recovered 175