Training and preparation for battle have been the focus aboard HMAS Canberra during the early days of Exercise Talisman Sabre 2019.

Following a departure from the Port of Cairns, Queensland, British Royal Marine Commandos joined the Australian Army and United States Marines Corps in intensive rehearsals for the upcoming amphibious landing.

The Canberra team conducted extensive helicopter launch exercises to ensure landing parties will embark swiftly and safely from the ship. As these operations can occur at any time of day, the rehearsals are held day and night.

After being given their ammunition and a brief by the Navy assault guides, soldiers from the three nations boarded helicopters from Canberra’s deck.

Royal Australian Navy sailors marshal US Marines and Royal Marine Commandos during loading drills. Photo: Leading Seaman Richard Cordell

Corporal Cat Smith said there were several moving parts between the flight deck and vehicle deck, making it a complex exercise worth practising.

“The British and American Marines have been a pleasure to train; they have been keen to learn and follow instructions,” Corporal Smith said.

“Safety is key during these operations and preparation is important.”

Helicopter launches are a single component of the amphibious assault taking place on July 16 at the Shoalwater Bay Training Area, Queensland, with a coordinated effort by the Canberra team delivering troops, weapons, vehicles and equipment in tight timeframes.