The commander of Defence's COVID-19 Task Force has reminded personnel of their responsibilities during the pandemic.

"We have seen two stark reminders this week that the COVID-19 pandemic is not over," Lieutenant General John Frewen said.

"The number of confirmed coronavirus cases around the world surpassed 10,000,000 and the spike in Victoria shows how quickly things can change and the acute need for us to remain vigilant."

At short notice, Defence escalated its assistance at the request of the Victorian Government.

Lieutenant Commander Tom Miller, left, discusses the current COVID-19 testing operations at the Melbourne Showgrounds with the Surgeon General Australian Defence Force, right, Rear Admiral Sarah Sharkey, and Commander Joint Task Force 629 Major General Paul Kenny. Photo: Leading Aircraftman John Solomon.

"Our personnel are now at public testing sites in and around Melbourne to help limit the spread of COVID-19. So far, about 200 Australian Defence Force personnel are being deployed to Victoria to take part in these initiatives," Lieutenant General Frewen said.

"Our specialist medical personnel are already on the ground in Victoria, after being quickly trained in appropriate local testing procedures by our local partners in Victoria.

"Once again, I’ve been impressed by the ability of people in our organisation to deploy at short notice and make meaningful contributions. Before the pandemic, the ADF had not operated a domestic emergency department, as it did in Tasmania a few months ago, or performed pandemic testing in Australia. All Australians should be justifiably proud of the efforts, determination and agility of the ADF so far in this pandemic."

Lieutenant General Frewen reminded ADF personnel and Defence civilians that individual and organisational responsibilities had not changed.

"We are all accountable for playing our part in stopping the spread of COVID-19. As the Chief of the Defence Force has said since the beginning of this pandemic, every Defence member is to be an exemplar by following the latest health advice and preventative guidelines," he said.

"Thank you for your efforts so far and I look forward to seeing your valuable contributions continue."

The Defence COVID-19 Task Force recently marked 100 days since its establishment in March. It has overseen the rapid deployment of the ADF to every state and territory as part of Operation COVID-19 Assist, while ensuring the safety of all Defence personnel and the resilience of the enterprise.

Defence’s assistance to the whole-of-government pandemic will continue for as long as required.