Army reservists from the 25th/49th Battalion, Royal Queensland Regiment (25/49RQR), have begun their section- and platoon-level training on the road to one of the Army's premier exercises.

The weekend training for Exercise Hamel 2020 at Greenbank Training Area, south of Brisbane, signalled the start of a year-long process in the creation of the next iteration of Reinforcing Battlegroup Cannan.  

Operations officer Lieutenant David Roffe said the training was designed to start to bring together those soldiers who were keen to play their part in building the battlegroup.

“Last year we focused on individual skills, this year we need to build to the Battlegroup level and its these types of activities which are the building blocks to the higher-level training,” Lieutenant Roffe said.

“We are taking the crawl, walk, run approach and so it’s great to be able to get the battalion together and just go through a few of our bread-and-butter drills doing patrols and attacks.”

“Reserve soldiers sometimes sacrifice a lot just to be here so we want to try and make it worth their while and make sure we get the best out of them.”

Soldiers from 25/49RQR, as well as 11th and 13th brigades, will provide the bulk of soldiers who will make up the battlegroup to support the 3rd Brigade during its 12-month ‘ready’ cycle.

Captain Jarryd Blake said it was just the start of what would be a rigorous training schedule.

“We are heading up to Townsville in October as a part of the battlegroup to have a hit out with 3rd Brigade and I guess that will give us a real indication of where we stand in relation to the full-time Army,” he said.

“Our people put in a lot of extra effort across their working and home lives to be able to do this sort of training, so it’s important to make sure we meet the expectations of our supported Brigade.”

“I rate these soldiers as some of the finest I have served with and no one in my battalion, or the other battalions of the brigade, will let them down.”