HMAS Adelaide’s Communication and Information Systems sailors and Army signallers bridged the gap between the ship and personnel ashore in Fiji. 

Deployed on Operation Fiji Assist, personnel contributed to the Fijian Government’s disaster relief efforts in the wake of Tropical Cyclone Yasa.

Adelaide’s communication teams deployed with engineers and reconnaissance soldiers to ensure the clear flow of information is upheld throughout the repair sites.

Deputy Information Warfare Officer Army Captain Shaun Buxton said communication between land, air and sea ensured commanders made well-informed decisions. 

“Providing accurate and in-date information that describes the needs of the Fijian people is critical,” Captain Buxton said.

Signaller Daniel Carrillo said the support mission ran smoothly because of effective communication with Adelaide.

“Being able to stay in contact with forces beyond 45 nautical miles (83 kilometres) was a key component to mission success,” Signaller Carrillo said.

“Our communication networks ensured that forces on shore were always afforded security and safety.” 

Adelaide was deployed to Fiji as part of Operation Fiji Assist on December 24 last year with more than 600 ADF personnel embarked.