About 3000 people from more than 20 countries gathered in Darwin for Exercise Kakadu 2022 and took a moment to recognise Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) Day on September 16.

Armed Forces Day is a day of appreciation for the armed services that protect its sovereignty. On September 16, the MAF celebrated its formation, which coincides with Malaysia Day.  

The establishment of the Malaysian Federation on September 16, 1963, resulted in the reorganisation of Malaysia’s three military service branches, making them subject to its Armed Forces Act 1972.

The Malaysian Government also stipulated that MAF Day would be celebrated on the same date as the establishment of Malaysia. 

It was decided to adopt in 1933, the year when Malaysia’s first armed force, the Malaysian Army, was formed.

This year, the MAF celebrated its 89th anniversary and remains steadfast in fulfilling its duty as the first line of the country’s defence.

The commitment of each military personnel, combined with the willingness to sacrifice and a strong fighting spirit, have contributed towards the MAF’s success achieved to-date.

Australia and Malaysia have a long history of friendship, remarkable people-to-people ties and strong bilateral collaboration.

Malaysia's participation in Exercise Kakadu 2022 demonstrates the undeniable relationship between the two countries in ensuring the safety and security of both nations.