Businesses in the defence industry are now able to more easily access security services to help them become ‘Defence ready’.

The new Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) went live in April and has received positive feedback from industry and defence contract managers.

DISP membership provides the industry with the tools it needs to protect Australia’s sensitive and classified information, as well as its own intellectual property.

Prior to going live, Defence piloted the DISP reforms, which allowed engagement with industry members on what mattered most to their business, and to understand the missing links between industry and Defence.  

The biggest change for industry is they can now apply for DISP membership without having a contract with Defence.

Developing this reform has been done with extensive consultation with contract managers, industry and peak bodies to ensure Defence got it right, Assistant Secretary for Security Policy and Services Steven Scanlan said.

"We have streamlined processes to become a DISP member and companies can now sponsor their own security-cleared workforce needs," Mr Scanlan said.

“We have redesigned the DISP, to suit the current security environment, while also giving industry more flexibility in how they manage their contracts with Defence; this is pivotal to ensuring a greater engagement between Defence and industry.”

Protecting industry also helps protect Defence, he said. The changes to DISP will also ensure industry members protect themselves against current security threats that may impact their business.

For further information, visit or get in touch with the DISP team at DISP.Info [at] (subject: Enquiry)