The common saying is 'logistics just happens', but that is not the reality.

It takes a team of skilled individuals to ensure equipment and cargo gets to the right place, at the right time.

Warrant Officer Class Two Nick Ewart, from the Joint Logistics Command’s  Directorate of Operations, is deployed to the Middle East to provide technical logistics support.

“I’m supporting the in-theatre logistics elements by providing technical supply chain support to assist with the  scheduling of the redistribution of items being returned to Australia and the National Support Base,” Warrant Officer Class Two Ewart said.

“I also support the good work of the logistics elements. It’s good to see the quality of work that the junior soldiers are generating and the positive effect they are having on the strategic supply chain.”

Warrant Officer Class Two Ewart will be deployed for three to five months, depending on progress.

“Currently our most complex moves involve the backload of Defence vehicles that are no longer being utilised in theatre," he said.

“I’m also supporting deliberate planning to ensure the appropriate quality checks are conducted prior to their return to Australia.

“I predominately work with the Force Support Element and other Task Group elements such as the Air Task Group in order to guarantee the condition of items prior to backload."

According to the Headquarters Joint Task Force 633 senior logistics officer, Commander Chris Jones, RAN, Warrant Officer Class Two Ewart is a valuable force multiplier during a busy logistics period. 

"Warrant Officer Class Two Ewart  provides technical logistics support and by deploying him forward it allows JLC to have an immediate understanding of technical aspects of the supply chain which is invaluable,” Commander Jones said.

“His presence also enables the JTF633 logistics elements to maintain focus on supporting current operations in theatres such as Afghanistan which are still ongoing.”