Australian Defence Vessel Cape Inscription Starboard’s catering crew has won the Silver Platter Award ─ Minor War Vessel (MWV).

The award recognises a MWV with less than three catering staff that has achieved the highest standard in providing food services, and acknowledges the hard work of catering personnel across the Fleet. 

Commander Australian Fleet Rear Admiral Mark Hammond presented the award during a visit to HMAS Cairns this month.

Rear Admiral Hammond stressed the importance of the service provided by catering personnel.

“Combined with a good crew, high-quality food is essential for the morale and wellbeing of our sailors at sea,” Rear Admiral Hammond said.

Commanding Officer Cape Inscription Starboard Lieutenant Commander Jessica O’Brien praised the ship's catering department.

“Leading Seaman Beau Lange and Able Seaman Kiarra Turner have both excelled in their roles, and this award recognises the hard work, creativity and professionalism of the department,” Lieutenant Commander O’Brien said.

“Their efforts in ensuring special occasions are accompanied by special meals, elaborate cakes and desserts, in addition to a fine daily spread, makes a great difference to personnel who might miss these occasions while at sea and is greatly appreciated by all on board.”

Leading Seaman Beau Lange said he was thrilled to be presented with the prestigious award.

“The Silver Platter is held in high regard throughout the catering community and it’s an honour to have our hard work recognised,” Leading Seaman Lange said.

“There’s nothing better for morale on board a ship at sea than a meal that reminds the crew of home and fuels their bodies for the hard work they put in every day.”