With reservists playing an important role in delivering current and future Defence capability, having effective relationships with their employers is vital. 

A new strategic relationship model has been developed by the Joint Support Services Division (JSSD) to build on these connections at the national, state and local level.

Head JSSD Rear Admiral Brett Wolski said the model would help the ADF better target its employer engagement by focusing on areas of current and emerging strategic capability need, and emphasising mutually beneficial relationships.

“It’s all about Defence talking to employers to understand how we can better support them, while also communicating the value that reservists bring back to their civilian employers,” Rear Admiral Wolski said.

“A strong relationship with reservists and their employers is fundamental to recruitment, retention and active participation.”

Rear Admiral Wolski said regional staff would manage relationships with employers and reservists at the local level by inviting employer participation and attendance at various engagement activities. 

“These activities will be in consultation with respective senior Australian Defence Force officers who the JSSD teams work closely with. 

“It will not only allow key senior leaders in headquarters and state-based commands with JSSD to work together with employers but also with broader Defence. This will encourage closer relationships with key personnel on bases and greater consultation when planning employer activities.”

At the national and state level, JSSD will work collaboratively with organisations and industries that employ reservists with skillsets that support areas of current or emerging capability need.

JSSD delivers a range of engagement programs and activities on behalf of Defence through the Directorate of Reserve and Employer Support.