The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet's (PM&C) Deputy Secretary National Security, Caroline Millar, recently visited HMAS Sheean at Fleet Base West to see the vital capabilities submarines provide to secure the nation

After an initial briefing by the Deputy Commander Submarine Force, Commander Chris Forward, she was given a tour onboard Sheean, where she was welcomed aboard by the Commanding Officer of Sheean, Commander Darren White.

She was keen to know what activities the submarine had completed this year and what was planned for the future.

"We have been away for 125 days so far in 2019, mainly deployed in South East Asia," Commander White said.

"We will complete several more activities, including a fleet exercise before heading into a deep maintenance period next year.

"I have one of the best crews in the fleet, they are like family and we have look out for each other. All I require from them is that they are the best submariners they can be."

Joining Ms Millar on the tour were Tony Dalton, the Department of Defence's Deputy Secretary National Naval Shipbuilding, Timothy Rutherford, PM&C's Director of Strategy and Intelligence and departmental adviser Tristram Boveington.

Leading Seaman Casey Murphy started the tour in the control room, explaining how the submarine is controlled, the navigation table and how the periscopes operate.

Ms Millar was surprised by the clarity of view through the attack periscope and was very keen to know more about the navigation maps and intelligence provided by other departments.

The tour continued through the weapons stowage area, where there were many questions about the torpedo capability, followed by the galley, accommodation areas and concluded in the engine room.

“I am extremely impressed with the capabilities provided by our submarines, and have a deep respect for the submariners working in this environment,” Ms Millar said.