The ADF delivered crucial emergency stores to Beirut, Lebanon, after a devastating explosion caused thousands of causalities and significant structural damage across the city on August 4. 

An Air Force C-130J Hercules and crew delivered the Australian Aid stores, including pallets of emergency shelter tool kits, tarpaulins, tents, fleece blankets and jerry cans, earlier this month upon request from DFAT. 

Australia's Ambassador to Lebanon Rebekah Grindlay said Australia’s help was greatly appreciated.

"An estimated 300,000 people lost their homes in the blast, including 80,000 children. This shelter today will give them somewhere to live," Ms Grindlay said, as the supplies arrived.

"Thank you to the Australian community who have expressed their horror and love for Lebanon during this time. Also to both the ADF personnel and DFAT, including my own staff, many of whom lost their own homes in the blast and several of whom are wounded.

"There are 200,000 or more people in Australia with links to Lebanon. We have stood by you for generations and we will stand by you through this."

Mission co-pilot Flying Officer DC said it was rewarding being able to help deliver aid in Lebanon's time of need.

"On approach into Beirut, it was obvious to the crew looking out the window the immediate blast area was pretty devastated, including the surrounds up to four to five kilometres away," Flying Officer DC said.

"Given the number of people who were displaced by the blast, the priority was getting blankets and a mixture of logistical supplies and construction supplies into the country, so they can start to rebuild.

"We were very glad for the opportunity to deliver the aid. For us that is a very fulfilling mission."

A small team of ADF personnel have been deployed to Beirut since August 5 to help the Australian embassy with communications and medical support.