Response to media reporting regarding Army Chaplaincy badge

30 November 2015 | On the Record

The Army is aware of recent reporting regarding a change to the Australian Army’s Chaplaincy badge, which is officially known as the Royal Australian Army Chaplains Department badge. This reporting is misleading. A change to the Australian Army Chaplaincy badge is not a matter the Chief of Army is currently considering.

Some Chaplains raised the idea to contemporise the corps badge when looking into the current and future needs of chaplaincy in the Army and broader Defence. For their open mindedness they are commended.

In all cases, where changes to the Australian Army’s corps and regimental badges are considered, the Chief of Army is the final decision authority. 

The Royal Australian Army Chaplains Department has two cap badges: one for its Christian chaplains and another for its Jewish chaplains. The current badge worn by Christian Chaplains of the Australian Army is the second iteration of their corps badge and is modelled after the British Army. The in-service version was issued in 1955 and includes a stylised Maltese Cross, a half wattle and half laurel and the motto in this sign conquer. The motto was inherited from the British Army’s Chaplain insignia and the words are believed to originate in the 4th century Roman Empire.

Over time, the Australian Army has amended the design of several emblems to reflect contemporary events, with changes relating to wording, design or a new monarch. There have been seven versions of the Rising Sun Badge. The corps badges for infantry, signals, artillery, medical, ordnance, intelligence and armoured are all examples of emblems that have had minor and significant changes throughout our Army’s 114 year history.

The Army is committed to creating an inclusive environment that ensures all serving members who wish to practice their faith are respected and appreciated, regardless of their religious denomination or affiliation. Army’s Chaplains of all faiths do outstanding service in ministry to our people.

Should a proposed change to the Australian Army Chaplaincy badge be raised, it will be considered by the Chief of Army in the normal course of his duties.


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