Out of the Shadows – SASR Golden Jubilee Art Exhibition opens at the Western Australian Museum

9 April 2014 | Media Release

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR), a special exhibition Out of the Shadows will run at the Western Australia Museum.

Out of the Shadows runs from 12 April to 1 June 2014 and offers an exclusive and exciting glimpse into the secret world of Australia’s SASR since its formation in 1964.

The exhibit uses artworks and artefacts to portray SASR campaigns in the jungles of Borneo and Vietnam, in defence of Australia and counter-terrorism operations, in peacekeeping in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, and in more recent engagements in the Middle East and Afghanistan.

Out of the Shadows is a joint presentation by the Western Australian Museum and the SAS Historical Foundation—the heritage arm of the SAS “Family”—which preserves and maintains the traditions handed down over 50 years of special operations.

Commanding Officer of the Special Air Service Regiment Lieutenant Colonel G (identity protected) said the exhibition included the work of more than 30 artists and features the specially commissioned SASR Golden Jubilee painting.

“Over many years, the SAS Art Show at Swanbourne brought together the SAS “Family” and the WA public through a shared appreciation of art and a commitment to fundraising,” Lieutenant Colonel G said.

“In recent years the security environment has meant that Campbell Barracks cannot be a public venue so Out of the Shadows is a unique opportunity for the public to engage with the SASR and its supporters in commemorating a significant milestone.”

Special Operations Commander Australian Brigadier Dan McDaniel, DSC, DSM said the SASR Golden Jubilee was an occasion to celebrate the achievements of the Regiment and honour the supporting role of the wider SASR family.

“For 50 years the SASR has represented the peak standard of soldiering, through its rigorous selection and training procedures, and in operations at home and overseas, with the motto, Who Dares Wins,” Brigadier McDaniel said.

“Since 1964, 48 SASR members have died in operations or training incidents. Another 20 have died in other circumstances and more than 200 have been wounded.”

Fundraising efforts during the Golden Jubilee year will benefit the SAS Historical Foundation and the SAS Resources Fund, a charitable trust established after the Black Hawk disaster of June 1996, in which 15 SASR members and three members of the 5th Aviation Regiment were killed.

The SASR family (including the SASR, the SAS Resources Fund, the SAS Historical Foundation, the SASR Auxiliary and the Australian SAS Association) supports the families of the fallen and those who have been injured in body or mind.

Entry to the Out of the Shadows exhibition is free. The opening hours are available on the Western Australian Museum website at: www.museum.wa.gov.au. Donations to the SAS Historical Foundation can be made at the exhibition.

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