ADFA Cadets and Midshipmen suspended

21 June 2013 | Media Release

The Vice Chief of the Defence Force, Air Marshal Mark Binskin, today announced the decision to suspend seven cadets from the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) pending the outcome of an investigation into allegations of serious misconduct involving cadets.

On Monday ADFA staff became aware of an off-campus incident over the weekend. The incident indicated that there is a small group of male Officer Cadets and Midshipmen exhibiting conduct contrary to the values and standards expected of ADF members. ADFA immediately referred the matter to the ADF Investigative Service. An investigation is underway.

“Enough is enough. People who exhibit unacceptable conduct need to understand their actions will have consequences and we will not tolerate what is alleged to have happened here,” Air Marshal Binskin said.

“The strong, united stance you are seeing from myself, the Chief of the Defence Force and the Service Chiefs should send a very clear message – the Australian Defence Force will not accept the type of actions or conduct that contradict our Defence values.

“The individuals involved will be treated fairly but I and the rest of the Defence senior leadership will not apologise for the decisive actions we are taking in dealing with these matters.”

Air Marshal Binskin reassured parents that ADFA has undertaken an enormous effort to implement the recommendations of the Broderick Review.

“I am confident that ADFA has the right leadership, reporting mechanisms and support structures in place to deal with incidences of unacceptable conduct,” Air Marshal Binskin said.

“This is about instilling the right values and standards in our men and women so that they understand what Australia expects from its Defence Force and its future leaders.

“It must start from the first day our Cadets and Midshipmen arrive at ADFA and it must hold each of us to account throughout our military career.”

Air Marshal Binskin has asked Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick to examine this specific issue and provide advice on how to further reinforce the cultural improvements occurring at ADFA as part of her ongoing engagement.

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